•  PE Expectations

    In PE, ART & MUSIC we have set "STAR" expectations that students will try to be everyday they come to our class. This sets the same expectations in each of our classes so students know that we all expect the same from them. What "STAR" represents is stated above. At the end of the class I will ask students if they think their class was being good "STARS" today. I will go through each of the "STAR" expectations and ask students if they think their class earned that point today. Each class can earn up to 4 points each time they have PE. I will keep record on each class on how many points the class recieved. At the end of each month we will have a "STAR" class of the month. That winning class will recieve a surpise prize that they won't know until they win!

    After you take some time to look over the student expectations please do not hestiate to reach out if you have any questions. We hope that this is a fun way for the classes to work together to be STARS everyday in our classes!