• Grades

    SLPS has switched over to standards based grading. Standards based grading focuses on learning and helps increase achievement. Students will be graded on a 4 level scale. 

    4 Level Scale:

    4- Advanced

    3- Profecient 

    2- Emerging

    1- Developing 

    In PE students will be graded on the following based on the standards: 

    Affective Domian: Social Skills/Behaviors  


    On task behavior 

    Full participation  

    Respect for others and equipment 

    Cognitive Domain: Knowledge of the content being assessed  

    Use of strategies  

    Demonstration of concepts and skills  

    Physical Domain: Skills and Physical abilities   

    Locomotor skills  





    To find out what the Physical Education standards are please click this link: missouri-k-12-physical-education-grade-level-expectations-final-2016-2.pdf (memberclicks.net)