• STEM 7 Syllabus Fall 2021 – 7th grade Elective

    Instructor: Mrs. Plyler

    Room: 113        

    E-mail: april.plyler@slps.org (This will be the fastest way to get in touch with me.)

    School phone number: (314) 773-0027 Please leave a brief message and I will return your call as soon as I can. 

    Course Description

    Throughout the semester, this course will provide opportunities for students to develop inquiry skills of observation, experimental procedures, and analytical and presentation methods.

    First Quarter

    • Scientific Method review
    • Claim, evidence, reasoning, and argumentation.
    • Conducting peer review of published scientific data
    • Analysis and presentation of scientific data

    Second Quarter

    • Development of procedures
    • Self-directed Inquiry
    • Presentation software and skills


    • Teach students practical scientific skills, which are used to investigate and explain the surrounding world.
    • Provide students with the skills to recognize the impact science has on daily life.
    • To encourage students to be more independent and responsible learners, in order to be better prepared for high school and college.


    The course aligns with the Missouri Learning Standards and Next Generation Science Standards for added rigor. These standards are found:




    Classroom Expectations

    1.    I show respect.
    • Show respect for the teacher, yourself and others at all times
    • Respect others’ property   
    • Please pick up after yourself
    • Respect yourself and the rest of us by using appropriate language
    • Form relationships with others in the class 
    • We celebrate each other's success.


    1.   I take responsibility
    • Always do your own best work
    • Put learning ahead of getting good grades (Your “I can” is more important than your IQ!)
    • Put quality ahead of just “getting it done”


    1.     I seek to repair.
    • Have a positive attitude.
    • Mend relationships when needed
    • Seek and benefit from diverse people/perspectives
    • Being able to try again and make something better is one of the perks of making mistakes 


    Classroom Procedures

    While in this class, students are expected to:

    1. Enter the room respectfully and take your seat immediately.
    2. Log into TEAMS on your school-issued iPad and work on your “Do Now” while waiting for the class to begin.
    3. Participate with online activities and live discussions as directed by the teacher.
    4. Out-of-synch? If you need more time on an activity, let the teacher know.  If you finish before everyone else, scroll back in the online assignment to where the teacher is in the lesson and follow along.
    5. If you are absent:

                            - It is your responsibility to obtain any missed work.  

                            - Check Teams for the class recording and link(s) for the work.

                            - Make up any tests missed within 2 school days of your return.
                            - Make up any in-class assignments within 2 days of your return.

     Late Work
                  Students should make every effort to complete work on time.  Timely completion of work allows a student to be prepared for the day's activities, and it instills valuable work habits. Failure to complete work may result in poor understanding of the concepts that are tested.




    The Saint Louis Public School District requires teachers to use online grading format SIS Parent Portal. This is an account that is set up by the district and will be used by all teachers at McKinley. This online tool is essential for families to utilize in order to monitor student progress.  To view grades you must log into SIS Parent Portal. SIS Parent Portal will also have the most up-to-date grades for students.




    79.5 – 89.4%


    69.5 – 79.4%


    59.5 – 69.4%


    59.4 or below


    • Synchronous work (daily in-class assignments) will count as 10% of the student’s grade.
    • Asynchronous work (Homework) and Exit Tickets) will count as 5% of the student’s grade.
    • Formative assessments (Exit Tickets & in-class Quizzes) will count at 25% of the student’s grade.
    • Summative assessments (presentations, tests) will count 60% of the student’s grade.


    ***Cheating is NOT tolerated and will result in a ZERO on any assignment for all individuals involved.

    Cheating includes plagiarism; plagiarism is passing of someone else’s work or ideas as your own.***




    Students who choose to violate classroom rules will receive one of the following consequences.  The nature of the violation will determine which consequence is applied:

    McKinley Safe Seat Process
                1.  Verbal Reminder and Redirection of Behavior
                2.  Verbal Warning
                3.  Safe Seat Assigned

    1. Reflective Process
    2. Teacher/Student Conference

            III. Parental Contact

    1. Immediate removal from class for severe violations.    

    Communication procedures with parents and families

    • We encourage parents and families to be an active part of their child’s education.
    • We know that you want your child to succeed. We want to give you the information you need to maximize their success.

    There are 3 important things you can do to help your student succeed

    1) To make sure he/she is in class every day.

    2) To be aware of and involved in what we are currently studying.

    3) To check SIS Parent Portal throughout the quarter to stay informed of your student’s progress.


    Important information will be posted on the classroom Teams page.


    I am looking forward to a great semester.  Please let me know if you have any questions!


    Mrs. April Plyler