• Classroom Management Plan

    ECSE Self-contained Preschool 2021-2022

    Room #108 Mrs. Oberg, Ms. Nikki & Ms. Keena


    Students are expected to follow rules regarding safety and respect for others to the best of their ability and per the IEP.

    Core Rules:

    • Be Respectful (ask for what you want and keep your hands to yourself)
    • Be Responsible (clean up your messes and do your work)
    • Be Safe (Includes wearing a mask and washing hands, using hand sanitizer)


    Discipline Hierarchy:

    • First Step: Verbal Warning/Redirect Behavior
    • Second Step: Removal from situation/student reflection time
    • Third Step: Communication with parents/develop a plan/implement
    • Fourth Step: Seek direction from Sped. Coordinator and Principal regarding other options


    Daily Conduct Tracker:

    • Daily log of student information sent home to parent on day of occurrence
    • Text communication sent to parent
    • Request for meeting with parent or phone call
    • If necessary team meeting to determine solution



    Students will receive incentives for following school and classroom rules.


    • Verbal Praise
    • Individual reward that means something to the child (time with IPAD, sticker, special snack)
    • Report home to parents to express the positive behaviors
    • A special treat from school store

    Behaviors Rewarded:

    Exhibiting safe behaviors:

    • Hallway (walking)
    • Classroom (respecting school property)
    • With others (keeping hands to self and sharing toys)
    • Following directions (listening to the teacher and obeying)
    • Cleaning up (after playing and throwing away breakfast, snack and lunch trash)
    • Being helpful (helping teacher with simple one step commands)
    • Being friendly (sharing toys and playing cooperatively with other students)