• In the event that our class needs to learn virtually, here are the resources you will need. Your students will be practicing how to use these resources in the classroom. 

    1. Click  here to go to our classroom Teams page. On the Teams page you will find messages from me, posted assignments and links to our online learning platforms. 

         If you cannot access TEAMS, the assignments are also posted on THIS WEBPAGE. 

    2. Learning Platforms for remote (virtual) learning.

          Please note that BOTH ELA and MATH can now be accessed at Savvas Realize. I have include your student's log on information in their ClassNotebook tab. 

    3. Science and Social Studies will be assigned in TEAMS. 

    4. I will also post assignments on this page in the green assignments tab. 

    5. CLASSROOM DOJO will continue to be our primary source of communication. Look for information from me in the event that we need to learn remotely.