• Parents
    Helping your child(ren) choose what instrument is right for them can be really confusing! There are so many factors: are there instruments that your family already has at home that are ready for your child to play? Will they like the instrument that they choose? How expensive will it be to rent/buy? How many hours a week will they need to practice?

    The first thing to remember is how AMAZING music is for your child's brain! Even if they only play for a few years, music has been proven to help with their Social/Emotional Learning just as much as their Academic learning. Attributes like teamwork, pride in work, and hard work are all developed in music classrooms alongside eighth notes and rests.

    The second thing is to listen to your child's teacher. Each district has their own way of assigning instruments and who gets to play what. Your child's teacher will be able to help explain your town's protocols and how the selection process works. Also, keep in mind that sometimes students will start on one instrument and then transition to another when they're older. If your child has a disability that isn't mentioned on this site, work with your teacher to find some modifications for the instrument that your child would like to play.

    Check out the video below to hear more about how you can best support your child through the process of instrument selection:

  • Positive physical characteristics for each instrument