• Woodwinds

    If you pick a woodwind instrument, you will start on either the flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, or saxophone.

    But, all of these woodwind instruments are special! They all have "sister instruments" - instruments that look like them, but are either smaller or bigger than the instruments that you first picked and learned on. When you get up to high school or college, you will be able to try the sister instruments out (unless you're REALLY lucky and your middle school teacher needs you to cover one!).

    All of the instruments and sister instruments have the same fingerings - meaning if you learn an E flat on the oboe, you play E flat the same way on the English Horn. Whichever instrument is SMALLER will sound HIGHER, and whichever instrument is BIGGER will sound LOWER.

    Click through each instrument and its sister instruments below to learn more about them!