• Brass

    Brass instruments can be some of the LOUDEST instruments in the band or orchestra! Most of them have valves (like buttons), while the trombone uses a slide.

    All brass instruments are different from every other instrument family for two reasons: how they make their sound (called buzzing) and mutes (things you can put into the instrument's opening that totally change the way they sound).

    Watch the two videos on these topics below. Then, click on each of the brass instruments to learn more about them.


  • Brass Mutes

    Another really cool thing that you can do with brass instruments is that you can change what they sound like by adding a MUTE into the instrument's bell (the opening). Some mutes change how loud or how soft the instrument plays, while others change what the instrument totally sounds like. Check out this video that shows you different types of trombone mutes.

  • Buzzing

    When you first start out on these instruments, your lips and mouth and cheeks might feel tired. But, the more you practice and play, the stronger your lips, mouth, and cheeks will get - just like when you run every day, you build muscles and get faster! Watch this video as a trumpet player explains how to make a buzzing sound and try it out for yourself.


    TrumpetFrench HornTrombone


         Trumpet                   French Horn               Trombone

           Euph                          Tuba

    Euphonium/Baritone                                         Tuba