• French Horn


  • What it takes to play horn

    University of Alabama student Josh Williams won a competition that made him one of the top horn players in the world! Listen as he talks about when he started out on his horn, and how he worked hard to make it to where he is today.

  • Horn call

    You'll find what's known as a "horn call" in a lot of operas or pieces of music that tell a story. Horn calls are used to grab people's attentions. In an opera call "Siegfried" (written by Richard Wagner), there's a VERY famous horn call. In the story, this is where the main character, named Siegfried, hears a bird and tries to talk back to it with his horn. He ends up waking up a dragon with the horn call, instead!!

  • An introduction to the horn

    Watch this short video as Staff Sargent Becky McLaughlin in the Army Field Band gives you an overview of the instrument.




  • How to hold the horn

    Watch as horn player Justin and his teacher show you how to hold the instrument, position your chair, and sit properly with the horn.



  • Horns play Jurassic Park theme

    Listen to the Vienna Horns play the theme from Jurassic Park!