• Concert Percussion



    The two main instruments in Battery percussion are the snare drum and bass drum.

  • Bass drum - "Dies Irae" in Verdi's Requiem

    Playing the bass drum in Requiem, by Giuseppe Verdi, is one of a percussionists favorite things to do! There's a part of the piece called the "Dies Irae" which calls for a LOUD bass drum. Take a listen!

  • Drumline in South Korea

    A drumline is a group of people that play percussion instruments together. Typically, drumlines use instruments like snare drums, bass drums, cymbals, and quads. Check out this fun drumline that plays in South Korea!

  • Andrea Venet plays "Kibo for Solo Snare Drum"

    Andrea Venet is a percussionist and composer. She wrote this piece, called "Kibo for Solo Snare Drum." You'll hear her playing the solo snare drum part with 4 instruments behind her: 2 vibraphones and 2 marimbas. Listen as she makes different sounds on the snare drum and uses different parts of the drums to create an interesting sound world.

  • Southern University drumline

    Watch this drumline from Southern University in Louisiana. You'll notice that they're doing motions with their sticks at the same time, and that their stick height (how high they hold their sticks off the drum) is all the same!