• In March, 7 students from room 201 took part in the Math League.org Elementary Math Competition. The competition is an above-grade level math competition that requires students to use basic math skills, reasoning and team work to solve problems. The test consists of 4 different rounds:

    • Number Sense Round - This 10-minute round consists of 80 problems that are designed to be solved mentally.
    • Sprint Round - This is a 40-minute multiple choice round consisting of thirty questions.  4 points are awarded for each correct answer and 1 point is subtracted for each incorrect answer, with no penalty for skipped questions.
    • Target Round - Four pairs of problems are administered, and students have 6 minutes to complete each pair.  10 points are awarded for each correct answer, with no penalty for skipped or incorrect answers.
    • Team Round - One to four team members work together for 20 minutes to answer ten questions.  10 points are awarded for each correct answer, with no penalty for skipped or incorrect answers.

    Students that took part in the competition:

    5th Graders: Braxton Bond, Tamia Collins, and Eyanna Tankins

    4th Graders: Christian Crosby, CHarlotte Schmittgens, Sophia Schmittgens and Wren Woods


    Students worked hard throughout the competition and got a better idea about what would be required of them in future years. 

    Sophia Schmittgens received the highest score in the entire qualifying round, and moved on to the state qualifying round. Sophia spent an entire Saturday morning and afternoon taking part in the competition. She received high scores, but did not qualify for the state contest.


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  • All students took part in the OrangARTan Art competition in December. This competition was to draw attention to the plight of orangutans, tigers and elephants who are in danger of extinction.

    The theme of the contest was "Wildlife and their habitat in Sumatra and Borneo". Students each chose an animal from this region of the world, studied the animal and then created original artwork with the guidance of Humboldt Art Teacher LaShay Williams.

    A 5th grader from Humboldt, Ella Alexander was short listed and received a certificate for her artwork of the Slow Loris.Slow Loris by Ella Alexander

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