• Timpani

    Timpani are a set of drums that can be tuned to specific pitches. One drum might be tuned to a D, while another one is tuned to an A, and still another one is tuned to an F Sharp. Watch the tuning video below to see how a musician tunes each drum.

    Check out the other videos to see some amazing timpani playing!

  • Timpani Duet

    Two timpanists play in the middle of many timpani. Listen to all of the different notes that they can play!




  • How to Tune a Timpani

    Watch as Angela Zator Nelson, with the Philadelphia Orchestra, tunes a timpani backstage.


  • Hear a Timpanist talk about himself and watch him play with an orchestra!

    Holy Moly! Watch Jauvon Gilliam play on a riser above the orchestra to get a close-up view of the playing, while also hearing about his background.


  • Tuning while playing

    Check out Leonardo Soto (Principal Tympanist of the Houston Symphony Orchestra) play "Etude #1" by Tom Freer. Watch his feet as he tunes two of the middle tympani while he plays the music!