• Marimba


  • Super Mario Bros. Theme

    When you first start out, you'll be learning marimba with two mallets. Gradually, you'll add a third mallet (two in one hand, one in another), and when you practice REALLY hard, you'll have four mallets! Then you can play many notes at once and make it sound like you're playing piano. Listen as Aaron plays some fun video game music after a LOT of practice.

  • Evelyn Glennie

    Evelyn Glennie is one of the most famous marimba players in the world. She's an incredible musician, and what's even more amazing is that she is deaf! She normally plays barefoot so that she can feel the vibrations and beat through the pulses coming up from the stage floor.

  • Keiko Abe

    Keiko Abe is a famous Japanese percussionist and composer. Here, she plays a piece that she wrote called "Prism." She once said that she uses this two-mallet marimba piece as a warm up every day!

  • Ghanaia, Matthias Schmidt

    Watch as young marimba player Aaron Rau plays "Ghanaia," a piece of music written after composer Matthias Schmidt traveled to Ghana, a country in Africa. The marimba is a major instrument in Ghana, and Schmidt was inspired by the instrument and the rhythms from the country.