• Welcome To Carr Lane!


    My name is Ian Barr and I am the 7th Grade Math teacher at Carr Lane this year! I look forward to working with your students and pushing them towards their bright future! 

    Math is the language of the universe. In Pre-Algebra we seek to obtain a firm grasp on the basic concepts that inform Algebra and more advanced mathematics. From integers and rational numbers to graphing and geometry, we have a long and exciting road ahead of us. 

    Mathematics was inspired by ruminations on the finest details of the cosmos - I hope to convey this sense of original wonder in my class this year. Mathematics is also a discipline. Just like playing an instrument, mastering your favorite video game, riding a bike, meditation, or perfecting a make-up look, Mathematics takes time and practice. Every student can achieve Math mastery if they put in the work to do so.

    Lets see how far we can fly 7th Grade!


    Teacher Contact Info: I can be reached by email at ibarr1956@slps.org

    Alternatively, I can be reached by phone by contacting the school @ 314-231-0413 during my plan period. Please ask for Mr. Barr.

    Classroom Expectations:

    1. Be Respectful - No food in class, no trash on the floor. Raise your hand before speaking.

    2. Follow instructions the first time they are conveyed.

    3. Stay in your seat! (Keep desk wheels locked)

    4. Stay Positive, Stay Wonderful!


    Class Schedule:

    Advisory: 7:05 to 7:20

    1st Period: 7:23am - 8:47am

    Plan Period (2nd): 8:50am - 10:14am

    3rd Period: 10:19am - 12:18pm

    4th Period: 12:22pm - 1:46pm

    Advisory: 1:50pm to 2:07pm





Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Ian Barr

I am a lifelong student of Philosophy, having read numerous texts throughout the history of philosophy from Plato to Zizek. I am also a musician. I worked for the Saint Louis Chess Club for 6 years as a chess coach, and returned to the classroom last year to assist with the massive teaching shortage in Saint Louis.

My main goal as an educator is to create a space for my students to be themselves, to be open about who they are, and to assist them in the many challenges that await a young student at the beginning of their career. It is my humble belief that every individual harbors incredible potential, and I strive to be a stepping stone in the remarkable career of every student that enters my classroom.