• The message below was sent as an all-call via phone to CVPA and CSMB families.


    Hello CVPA and Collegiate staff families, 


    We hope the recent days have provided a chance for you to be together with loved ones and begin to recover from the trauma of October 24th.   We have some information for you about the coming days.   

    • While we are a step closer to launching the retrieval of items at the schools, preparations are taking longer than planned. Our Operations team was able to schedule a deep clean of both schools, and this weekend staff and volunteers carefully packed up all student belongings that were left behind.  We are planning a distribution beginning Tuesday, November 1 (more information will come directly from each school leadership team).We apologize for the delay, but it’s important that we coordinate this effort properly and make the process as easy as possible for everyone.
    • As we prepare to release staff to attend services and pay tribute to those we lost to this tragedy, we are going to extend the closure for Central Visual and Performing Arts and Collegiate. School will remain closed through the end of this week. More information will come before the end of this week.
    • While we plan the relaunch school, we do not have a start date at this time. We will continue to provide regular updates on these plans including vital information on how to access counseling services districtwide.  A letter being emailed to you today contains those details.

    This has been an incredibly trying week.  We encourage you to utilize the resources being offered.  We are here to answer any questions or help in any way we can.  Please contact your building staff or staff at Central Office if you need anything.  Have a good day.