Patch Air Fore JROTC

    MO-851 Gateway STEM High School

    2020 – 2021 Cadet Contract


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    1. ENROLLMENT: Being a member of AFJROTC is a privilege, not a right.  Cadets will be removed from the program if they are not meeting the standards as outlined in the July 2019 Air Force agreement signed by the SLPS Superintendent and Air Force JROTC. Curriculum consists of 40% Aerospace Science, 40% Leadership/Life Skills (uniform wear, leadership, and citizenship), and 20% Physical Education.  Wear of the AFJROTC uniform is required once a week, usually on Wednesday and Thursday.

    2. OBLIGATIONS AND CONSIDERATIONS: Participation in AFJROTC does not commit or obligate any student to military service, nor does it guarantee special consideration if a student chooses to enter military service. However, a cadet who successfully completes the specified number of years of AFJROTC based on the rules for that branch of service, may qualify for advanced rank upon enlistment in the military.  In addition, cadets can apply for college credit based upon completion of courses in AFJROTC.
    1. APPLICATION: I, the above-named cadet, hereby apply for enrollment in the Gateway STEM HS Air Force JROTC Program. 
    1. AGREEMENT: In order to maintain high cadet standards of discipline, courtesy, personal conduct, appearance, and fitness required by the Air Force and the AFJROTC program, I understand and agree to the following:
    2. MINIMUM EXPECTATIONS: I will abide by the MINIMUM STANDARDS listed below. Failure to do so can result in removal from AFJROTC program.

    (1) I will maintain proper personal hair/grooming standards while enrolled in AFJROTC as instructed (specific requirements below).

    (2) I will contact the instructor prior to doing anything to my appearance that might affect wear of the AFJROTC uniform.

    (3) I will properly wear the AFJROTC uniform as instructed and wear it the entire school day unless otherwise directed.  Failure to wear the uniform (or wear it properly) three times in one quarter may result in an overall grade of “F” for that quarter.

    (4) I will dry-clean my uniform pants and Service Coat on a regular basis and maintain it as necessary. I will launder my light blue shirts after each wear as necessary.  If I damage my uniform by improperly cleaning it, I will be responsible for the damages.

    (5) I will wear the issued Physical Training Gear (shorts/shirt) and participate in the PT activities. These two areas will determine my weekly PT grade (50 points PT Uniform, 50 points participation).

    (6) I will put full effort into learning individual and group drill movements per Air Force Manual 36-2203, Drill and Ceremonies .

    (7) I will participate in team activities and field trips to the best of my ability.

    (8) I will NOT be involved in any inappropriate or illegal behavior as defined in the District Code of Conduct.

    (9) I will NOT wear any visible facial piercings (Other than earrings, authorized for female cadets only).

    MISSED UNIFORM INSPECTIONS: If absent on uniform day, I will make up the grade the first day back to school.  If I simply fail to wear the AFJROTC uniform as directed (or fail to wear it as directed after an absence), my grade will result in a zero.  A makeup only counts if I wear the uniform ALL day and get inspected by my instructor or their designated cadet. 

    COURTESY: I understand this is a cadet-run program and I am expected to follow orders of senior ranking cadets.  I will render proper military courtesies to instructors, military officers, and cadet officers. I will show courtesy and respect to administrators, teachers, coaches, and other adults with whom I come into contact.

    UNIFORM ISSUE AND RETURN: The uniform will be issued to me clean and pressed.  If I am removed from or quit AFJROTC, I will return the AFJROTC uniforms immediately, to include every item I was issued.  Following each year that I complete AFJROTC, I will return all uniform items (pants, shirt, jacket, coat, hat, tie/tab, PT gear, etc.) unless otherwise instructed. Failure to return uniforms will result in school fine.  PT gear must be washed and dried before turning in. 

    JROTC ACTIVITY FEE: I understand every cadet will pay the required AFJROTC activity fee of $15 within the first 4-weeks of enrollment in AFJROTC.  Financial hardships must be brought to the attention of an instructor by a parent/guardian.  Note: This fee is non-refundable.

    CADET GUIDE: I will read, understand, and comply with the requirements and information provided in the AFJROTC Cadet Guide which will also be discussed in class.  (Available in the classroom and online at https://www.slps.org/Page/12328

    MALE Required Hair Style and Other Uniform Restrictions for AFJROTC: The below list applies when the cadet is wearing the AFJROTC Uniform:

    • Hair: Will not exceed 1 1⁄4 inch in bulk on the top of the head regardless of the length. Bulk is the distance that the hair projects from the scalp when groomed (as opposed to length of the hair).
    • Hair should be no longer than 1/8 inch at the termination point around the base of the neck and ears.
    • Must be able to wear the Air Force hat with no long hair sticking out the front or sides of the cap.
    • Your hair must have a tapered appearance on both sides and back. A tapered appearance means that, when viewed from any angle, the outline of the hair on the side and back will generally match the shape of the skull, curving inward to the end point.
    • Hair must be a natural color (no faddish hair styles/colors), and hair must be all one color. No designs may be cut into the hair, no Mohawks, no cornrows, no mullets, no dreadlocks, and no “fo-hawks”. No “twists/fusing” or braids.
    • Shaving: All boys must be cleanly shaven in uniform. May wear a mustache cut at the corners of the mouth, and no hair hanging over the lip.
    • Sideburns: You may have sideburns if they are neatly trimmed and tapered in the same manner as your haircut.  Sideburns must be straight and of even width (not flared or cut to a point) and end in a clean-shaven horizontal line.  They may not extend below the lowest part of the outer ear opening.
    • Jewelry: No more than 3 rings on your 8 fingers (no thumb rings), and no earrings on boys. No visible necklaces. A conservative bracelet up to ½ inch wide is allowed.  No rubber cause bracelets.

    NOTE:  You will not be given your uniform until grooming standards are in compliance.

    FEMALE Required Hair Style and Other Uniform Restrictions for JROTC: The below items apply when the student is wearing the AFJROTC Uniform:

    • Hair: Will not exceed 3.5 inches in bulk from the scalp. Bulk is the distance that the hair projects from the scalp when groomed (as opposed to length of the hair). Do not cut into faddish style or shave a portion of the hair. Girls have no minimum hair length.  Hair must allow proper wear of the uniform flight cap.
    • Hair Color: Female cadets will not dye their hair multiple colors or any single color that is not natural (born with). No designs may be cut into the hair or eyebrows.
    • Hair Bun: When hair is in a bun, the bun must be a single bun; no wider than the width of the head and all loose ends secured.  Bun will be centered on the head between the collar and the back of the ears.  Girls must be able to wear the Air Force Hat properly.  Bun may be no more than 3.5” in diameter.
    • Hair bobby pins and rubber bands will be the same color as the hair (or close to it) or black. No bows or metal fashion clips in hair with the uniform.
    • Makeup/Nails: Makeup should be conservative and professional looking. If painting nails, use one color and must be a conservative color or French manicure. Black, pink, white, gold, etc. are not allowed.
    • Earrings: Only ONE earring in each ear, lowest part of ear lobe; can only be round or square white diamond, silver, gold, or white pearl stud. Unauthorized jewelry cannot be covered with Band-Aids/make-up ; NO clear plastic nose rings.
    • Jewelry: No more than 3 rings on your 8 fingers (no thumb rings). No visible necklaces. A conservative bracelet up to ½ inch wide is allowed.  No rubber cause bracelets.

     CADET AGREEMENT: I understand all the instructions above and agree to follow them as long as I am enrolled in AFJROTC.


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    PARENT AGREEMENT: I fully understand what is expected of my cadet to be part of the Gateway STEM H.S. AFJROTC program. I understand that if my cadet fails to maintain grooming standards and/or wear the AFJROTC uniform or PT Uniform on required occasions, it may result in removal from the program. If my student is removed from this course for any reason or drops this class, I understand that all uniform items, including PT T-Shirt, shorts, and sweat shirts will be returned to AFJROTC. I agree to the conditions set forth in this contract. I hereby give my permission for my student to enroll in the AFJROTC program and will encourage their active participation. My student has read this contract and understands the requirements of the AFJROTC program.


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