The uniform is a distinctive form of dress.

    Reminder...it is the same uniform our military service men and women wear so wear it with pride and don't bring shame to it.


    WHITE T-shirts are mandatory and should not be visible (v-neck).  


    Shirts (uniform and T-shirt) WILL ALWAYS be tucked in.


    NO CIVILIAN Clothes or coats are to be worn with the uniform.


    Dry clean the pants and service dress coat.  Shirts may be washed.


    Black socks (plain) must be worn.  Socks MUST cover the ankles with no exposed skin showing.


    Belts are to be worn at all times (females belt buckles face the opposite direction of the males in order to line up with the shirt and fly—gig line).


    ***Cadets are required to change out of their AFJROTC uniforms into the GITHS Gym uniform if in a gym class.


    ***Compliance is mandatory before school, during school, and after school; bring civilian clothes to change in to when participating in after school activities.


    Cadets are expected to wear the uniform properly. Whenever in uniform, a cadet is expected to present him/her self in a respectable, sharp-looking manner.

    It is the cadet's responsibility to keep his/her uniform neat and clean. This includes keeping creases ironed and shoes shined. At the end of the year, cadets are required to either dry clean and return all parts of the uniform (with the exception of the issued shoes and socks) to get a refund on their cleaning deposit OR they may bring back all items and the instructors will use the cleaning deposit to get it cleaned.

    Over the course of the year, should a cadet's uniform become too big or too small, the cadet should go to the SASI or ASI as soon as possible. Do not wait until the day of inspection to bring your concern to logistics' attention. How a cadet presents his/her self is a direct reflection on how seriously he/she takes the class and how much respect he/she has for his/her peers and his/her self.


    **All cadets are required to wear the uniform on the assigned day of the week , and to keep the uniform on all day in order to receive full credit.


    If a cadet is absent on the uniform wear day. He/she may make it up with no penalty on his/her first day of return. 

    If a cadet forgets to wear the uniform, he/she may take a partial credit grade by wearing the complete uniform the very next day (except for PT days). A cadet completely skipping the uniform wear on 3 occasions becomes at serious risk of failing the class; if you miss a day make it up!!!




    Jewelry is permitted in uniform, though there are limitations for both male and female cadets. 


    Wristwatches are permitted as long as they are not flashy or distracting.


    Rings may be worn, but no more than 3 at a time.


    Only one bracelet may be worn and it must be conservative.  It may not be any wider than one inch (1" width). Bracelets with studs, spikes, barbed wire, or any ornament that could cause bodily harm are strictly prohibited, as are colorful plastic bangles or bands.


    Necklaces may not be in view (be able to be seen) while wearing the uniform.


    Female cadets are the only cadets permitted to wear earrings in uniform.


    There may only be one earring per ear, and the earring must be in the earlobe (NO cartilage, industrials, tragus, etc.).  The earrings must be conservative and spherical (round) "studs" such as gold, silver, white pearl, or diamond. Clip-on earrings are permitted, but pierced "hoops" are not.


    Body Piercing:

    When in uniform, a cadet may not have any ornaments or piercing hanging from any exposed body part (including areas that can be seen through clothing).  The only exception to this rule is women's earrings in the earlobe.  If a cadet has such piercings, plastic plugs must be worn when in uniform.




    Female Cadets may keep any hair length desired. When a female cadet is in uniform, her hair must be pinned up above the collar. Hairstyles must look professional and accommodate uniform headgear. Pins, barrettes, and hair ties must be plain, similar to your hair color and may not be bulky. "Scrunchies," decorative pins, and decorative head bands are not permitted. Any wigs or hairpieces must also follow these guidelines.  Hair colors should blend and not be of any color other than a natural color (a color you can be born with).


    Shoes/socks or nylons:

    A female cadet has the option of wearing a skirt rather than slacks. The length of the issued skirt may be no more than two inches below or above the knee cap. When wearing a skirt, female cadets must also wear pantyhose. A sheer nylon complimenting the wearer's skin tone or a navy shade should be worn.  Fishnet pantyhose are not permitted and all hosiery should be free of "runs." 



    Makeup is permitted with a conservative appearance.  No extreme fads or designs. 



    Shades of red (no fire engine though), pink, browns, creams or a white French manicure with no designs or ornaments.  NO NEONs!




    Hair should be neat and trimmed. Hair should not touch the ear or eyebrows and only the closely cut hair on the nape of the neck should touch the collar. Hair may not exceed 1 %" in bulk at any time. (Bulk is defined as the distance the hair projects from the scalp when groomed, not the "length" of the hair).

     Hair must also have a tapered appearance on both sides and in the back.  No MOHAWKS, DREDS or TWISTIES. 


    Side Burns:

    If the male cadet wears sideburns, they must be straight and of even width (no "Elvis flares" or "Prince Tapers").  Sideburns must also not exceed a point any lower than the bottom of the ear lobe.



    No cadet may dye his/her hair any extreme color; hair must keep a natural tone (a color you can be born with).  Faddish or extreme hairstyles are not permitted.


    Service Coat:

    Must be worn buttoned; must wear the tie or tie tab when worn; must have name tag and ranks.  If you have ribbons, they must be worn also. 

    Name Tags always go on the right side of the uniform.  Name tags are centered between the lapel and the under arm seam with the bottom of the name tag lining up across from the top of the pocket.

    Ribbons always go on the left side of the uniform.  Ribbons are centered above the pocket on the service coat, touching the top of the pocket but not going over it.


    Ladies may wear the Princess cut shirt if they purchase themselves.  Princess cut shirts do not have to be tucked in but all other rules apply.

    Ties or tie tabs MUST be worn when wearing the long sleeve shirt.

    Name Tags always go on the right side of the uniform. 


    Name tags are centered between the 1st and 2d exposed button and between the seam of the opening and the under arm seam

     Ribbons are placed directly across from the name tag aligning in the same fashion.


    Name tags and ribbons are centered over the pockets, touching but not going over it.  Again, name tags are on the right and ribbons are on the left.