Meet the Teacher

    1. `Special Edcuation Teacher
    Name: Paula Bentley
    Room Number(s): 408W
    Subject(s): Special Education
    Building Phone: (314) 776-3300
    Teacher Message:
     Hello parents thanks for all your patience and time spent helping your son/daughter.  This year has been a very different year as we deal with the COVID-19 Pandemic.  This school one of the greatest changes is the way students will be trained online, in the school setting and some students if they are not engaged in the third teaaching model.  However, most of our students will receive servives oline or in person.  We will have several chages to the school day under the new CDC guideliens.  But I believe we can make it by helping one another. 
    This school year I am teaching Explore/Evaluate Media, Introduction to Grammar and  Introduction to Computers.   My students are 9th thru 12th graders.  The parents more than welcome to email whenever necessary.  This will allow my parents who have students with unique needs to take their time and get the assistance they need.  My email address is  At this point, I would like to thank each of the parents that allowed me to contact them by phone or email to discuss this new virtual teaching model.   I will do my very best to get back with every parent as soon as possible.  I really appreciate the parents for taking the time help us extend learning to your son/daughter.   The students will be able to login on the following website: However, they will have to go or upload Office 365 on the Microsoft website.  The students will receive one-on-on directions when they register.  If you need additional the parents only can email me on the district website  at (314)776-3300.  The students can email me with questions concerns in the Team Meetings.  They  will receive an email from me inviting them to the class Team weekly meetings.  Lastly, the information that they need will also be coverd on a Teams Video for parents as well as one for the students.   IF the parents need further assistance email me at  Students can email on the Team Website only.  Students are not allowed to email their teachers on the website, parents or guardians are more than welcome to email with their concerns or questions
    This is my 28th  year as a Certified Special Education Teacherin the St. Louis Public School District.  I have taught at varies schools throughout my teaching career.  However, this  is my 21st year here at Gateway STEM all though our school name was formally Gateway Technology High School.  The majority of my teaching experincing was spent teaching on the high school level.  My career started at Webster Middle School in 1989, and various Middles Schools in the St. Louis Public School District.  Throughout my teaching career I have worked with excellent teachers from certified Physics to doctoral staff to Physics Majors.  There were so many  talented thinkers that helped me to broaden my thinking and teaching skills.  In which played a very rewarding part in enhancing my ability to teach in a diverse school setting.  You must have a compassion for teaching to truly teach our young adults.
    Student Expectation
    The students are expected reveal each of their gifted talents, ideas and dreams.  They will be stretched as they use the Zoom website to have Team meetings website are located at the bottom of the page for Intro to Computers and Explore/Evaluate Media.  Students will be able to join the team meeting and upload their class work on sites mentioned above. The students will also be able to format assignments and then upload class assignments. Some students will receive instructions in person this school year
    The students will use 365 to logon on to the districts website, and/ or Website for Intro to Computers Team meeting on Wednesday at 9am-9:30am. Website for Explore/Evalaute Media Team meetings Wednesday at 11:00-11:30 am.
    Some students will need additional modifications to have academic success.  The students will be able to follow step-step directions in order to complete their class assignments.  Directions may need to be repeated several times.  The followings websites will with assisting the students: to look up new words, to complete research assignments,,, and for enrichment and modiy students classwork located on the following website: Bentley is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
     Paula Bentley is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

    Topic: Parent Teacher Conference
    Time: Oct 27, 2020 03:30-5:45 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

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    Topic: Parent Teacher Conference
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