• Families, 
    As we all work hard to ensure our community, families, and kids are healthy and safe during the coronavirus epidemic, we will not be able to continue learning together at school until the decision is reconsidered April 22nd. 
    I know together we can work to ensure your child's academic growth during this unprecedented time. Your children may feel confused, worried or upset as their consistency and schedule has been taken from them so quickly. Remind your child we have practiced this all year in Miss Shea's class. We are problem solvers, we are brave, and we will get through this together.
    In an effort to provide virtual learning and connection to my students I have created a YouTube channel. The link below will lead you to my page. This page will be updated weekly with reading lessons, writing lessons, and math lessons. Please have your child watch, follow along, and participate! The tools needed will simply be paper and a pencil. If you do not have these tools please reach out to me personally. These videos are the most efficient way to ensure your child is still learning. I will upload new information DAILY, so have them watch me every day!
    If you subscribe you will be updated when I upload a video! 
    Along with my YouTube channel, I have provided resources for students in a variety of subjects if you have internet access. 
    Our kids can go to readinga-z.com 
    username: colbyheckendorn 
    password: slps1234 
    Your child can click on books from their reading level, and practice decoding using our reading strategies. Look at the picture, prepare your mouth to say the sound, push thru the words. 
    You can read them stories from this site too! Just click one of the higher level books, and choose a story that interests them. Remember to have your child read, or read to them for at least 20 minutes each day. 
    Your child can "warm up their math brain" by counting to 120 by 1s, 5s, and 10s. We do this daily, so this will be familiar for them. 
    Our kids can go to student.freckle.com
    Class code: SHEAKR
    Student can click on their name. 
    It will lead student to a "home" page where they can click "From My Teacher." 
    I have assigned math and ELA assignments. The grades will be sent to me as soon as completion is done, and I will upload more. 
    Practice sight words daily. Read them, spell them, write them in a sentence! 
    Your child can continue using inventive spelling (spell words the way it sounds) to write. Check their writing for spaces, capitalization, and punctuation. 
    Our kids can go to BrainPOP.com
    username: slps1234
    password: slps1234
    Your child can choose from a variety of subjects that spark their interest, and watch a video! This is a great way to give your child educational screen time. They can write about what they learned as well. 
    If you do not have internet access I have included a link provided by the district for ELA/Math Packets. 
    Academics: The district is creating packets to send home with students who come for meals next week. They have also uploaded resources online. Info on academic instructional resources can be found here: 
    These packets can also be picked up during breakfast and lunch distribution at Patrick Henry between 8am and 12pm Monday-Friday!! 

    Ultimately, I know this may feel overwhelming and scary. We will all continue to do our best. Remember our children still learn through playing. Encourage them to color, create using blocks or legos, cook something together, play with a puzzle, go on a nature walk, and any other activity they may enjoy. We will get through this together. Expect weekly updates from me, and do not hesitate to call, text, or email. I will be available from 8-4:30 daily. 
    Stay well, 
    Miss Shea