Ms. Baumann's Resource

  • Welcome Students and Families, 

    I am Katie Baumann, one of Patrick Henry's Special Education Teachers. I am excited to be returning to Patrick Henry this year and to be back working with our students!  As we begin this new adventure in learning, we know there will be challenges, and we will work through those challenges together. We will work to develop the supports you need to be successful in this new learning environment and make this new learning expericience successful for everyone. 

    In my classroom,it is imporant for students to feel safe and respected. We will work together throughout the year to build a classroom where everyone one feels safe, respected and successful. Remember: I will always be good to everyone, I will always work hard and I will never give up, and I expect others to be good to everyone, always work hard and to never give up!  So if we can remeber to do those three things(be good to others, always work hard, and to never give up), we will be able to accomplish many great things together!

    It is important in my classroom for you to always be willing to try, even when something seems hard.  So even if right now this distance learning seems hard, we have to remember to try and we will work together to make this distance learning. We can and will be successful together with our distance learning, as long as we remember to always keep trying. 

    I am looking forward to starting this new adventure with you and your classroom teacher this year and discovering what new heights of success we can achieve togther.

    Ms. Katie Baumann

    M. Ed and M.A. Reading

    Special Education Teacher