• Welcome to Mrs. Himsworth's NCNAA page! 

    Here you can access information about our school, keep up to date on assignments, and get links to our TEAM pages and extra English practice! I'm so happy you're here! 

    TEAMS Link: 8B Homeroom                              Request for Username and Password

  • Hello parents and guardians! 

    I hope you are all staying safe and healthy during this time! I enjoyed talking with some of you, either on the phone or through Talking Points and can't wait to keep communicating with you to help your student succeed! On April 6th, we will begin online learning through this webpage, and also through TEAMS. Some of you have already recieved your child's login for TEAMS. If you have NOT recieved your child's username and password, then you can send me an email at jessica.hess@slps.org, or contact me through the Talking Points app. For the first week, your student will be completing a Flipgrid video. Your student should remember their Flipgrid code, but if they have forgotten it, then send me a message and I can send it to you. If you haven't already, please take the technology survey at the link below. The survey will allow you to coordinate with the district how to pick up technology for your student. 

    Technology Survey

    Thank you for helping your student during this time and for working with the middle school teachers!


    Mrs. Himsworth


    Hello students!

    I miss you all and hope your are staying safe and healthy! Keep practicing your English at home and remember that reading everyday is going to help you succeed! You can click on Epic! and type in our class code, which is LMN-6385. Happy reading! On Monday, April 6th, I will start posting assignments for you to complete at home.  You can find those under the "Assignments" tab or "Teams" tabs to the left. If you don't have your login for TEAMS yet, have your parent or guardian contact me through email or the Talking Points app. Your first assignment will be a Flipgrid video, which you have all practiced doing throughout the year. If you forget your Flipgrid code, have your parent or guardian message me so that I can send it to them. 

    Check back soon for updates! All of your teachers miss you so much!


    Mrs. Himsworth