Mr. Riebeil Durley-Petty

Phone: 314-231-0415


Degrees and Certifications:

Graduate Certificate in Education University of Missouri-St. Louis Middle School Education (Grades 5-9) Teach for America Alumni MA Print Journalism (Concentration in Sports Journalism) Boston University Bachelor's General Communication (Minor in Journalism) University of Northern Iowa Associate's Degree Communication Studies/Journalism

Mr. Riebeil Durley-Petty

Welcome to 8th Grade English Language Arts (ELA)! I am elated to start our year together. This year we will work tirelessly to improve our reading, writing, verbal, and listening skills. In addition, we will work on our problem-solving and critical analysis tools, so you can all become knowledgeable, independent thinkers. These are abilities that we must mold throughout the school year, in order for everyone to expand their knowledge of ELA, efficiently complete their work, and grow as readers and writers. Students will become adept at using textual evidence, drawing inferences, critically analyzing a broad range of texts, and developing written responses. As we continue to learn and mature on a daily basis, you will enjoy prosperity in all elements of your life from school, athletically, socially, and in community service volunteering. These skills will open the pathways to continual success as you always strive to do your best and never settle for less. You will prepare yourself for high school, college, vocational school, and your future career.

This is unchartered territory for all of us, but together we will get through it. Please stay safe, stay healthy, cherish your time with your loved ones, stay tuned to the news to be aware of new developments, avoid gatherings of 10 or more people, practice social-distancing, and wash and sanitize your hands thoroughly.

During the Frst Quarter of this cshool year we will be engaging exclusively in virtual learning. We will use Microsoft Teams each day for live instruction and class assignments. In addition, assignments will also be posted on my teacher page, under Virtual Learning. Assignments will be completed in Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Forms. Please submit all assignments posted in Microsoft Teams in a Microsoft Word document. Remember to complete every assignment in its entirety.  

Your students should receive their username/password from the district. If not, or if you encounter difficulty accessing Microsoft Teams, let me know and we can try to resolve the issue, as soon as possible. I will be updating this site with assignments on a weekly basis to keep you up to date. Please, follow up with your child for the work they need to complete each week. This process, due to the Covid-19 global health crisis is unique to all of us. Errors will be made, and mistakes will happen.  However, we will persevere, work together, and conquer this challenge! I appreciate all of your assistance.

Peace, be blessed, stay safe, and cherish the invaluable gift of life.

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