Ms. Audryn Damron



Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Audryn Damron

Prep period

7th period (Tuesday/Thursday, 10:21-11:59)

This is my third year at Gateway STEM and I love being a Jaguar! I moved from Provo, Utah fall (2017) where I taught middle school for 6 years. I have taught several subjects, including study skills/homework help, writing, and 7th/8th grade math. Math education has taken my heart and I am excited to work with Ms. Janicik in Geometry (417N, 3rd/8th period) as well as teach several sections of Pre-Algebra and Geometry. I am also teaching Math Applied 210R, which applies basic high school math concepts to the real world. 

I graduated with a degree in Special Education from BYU in April 2011 and again in August 2015 with a master's degree. I have studied growth mindset through school and state-wide book series, leadership meetings, etc. and emphasize having a growth mindset in my classroom. One of my rules includes the word "persevere" and I conduct lessons explicitly teaching phrases, concepts, goal-setting, etc. that cultivate having a growth mindset and not giving up even when something is hard. Math is often difficult for many of my students, so I value the power of "YET": You may not know something YET, but we will get there together. 

 I value family time and living a life full of hard work mixed with fun. Therefore, my goal is to get to know your child holistically: what is his/her learning story, family, cultural, and demographic background? What are his/her hobbies, interests, and talents? How can I better cultivate and support those areas of their life? Thank you for being an active part of your child's life - I look forward to a great year!