• Metropoulous
    Name: Mr. Nicholas Metropoulos
    Email: nicholas.metropoulos@slps.org
    Social Studies Department
    Model United Nation's Team Sponsor
    Room Number: 207
    Subject(s): American History, American Government, AP US Government and Politics 
    Course Syllabi 
    Teacher Message:
    "Our social science classes will focus on history, government, economics, geography, and culture. We will explore everything from the U.S. War on Terrorism to the Civil War. These classes are designed to give students insight and preparation for college-level social science courses and optional enrollment to take the Advanced Placement (AP) courses and/or the examination for college credits. The classes are student-centered and will engage learners in interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. We will do webQuests, debates, Socratic circles, videos, role-playing, and PowerPoints, etc. Learners will focus on improving and refining their analytical and critical thinking skills by reading through primary and secondary sources in addition to the textbook to holistically scrutinize the social sciences. As a class, we will examine our history to learn from the past and apply what we learn to our own lives and to create a better future. Finally, the class will focus on affecting and "be[ing] the change in the world you want to see." -Mohandas Gandhi"
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