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Dr. Anitra D. Arms


Educator: Dr. Anitra D. Arms
Email: anitra.arms@slps.org

Teacher Message: Welcome to my webpage.  This page is designed to help students to be proactive about educational resources by having an open line of communication concerning academic development.

My goal is to help students access essential information for assignments so they will continuously be prepared. This page will also give students the opportunity to keep up with assignments when they're unable to attend class.

Biography: I was born in San Pedro, California and grew up in San Diego before relocating to St. Louis when my dad retired as a naval officer. Being a graduate of Vashon High School, I am a proud product of St. Louis Public Schools. I have a Bachelors of Science in Education, Masters in Education, and Doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction from St. Louis University.

Before starting my career in education I worked for our cities first African American mayor, Freeman Bosley, Jr. and Darlene Green, City Comptroller. My mom and family inspired me to become an educator, despite my first aspirations to study law. Education has proven to be a rewarding experience; I love children. 🥰

“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.” ~ Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 



Lesson Plan
Humboldt Academy of Higher Learning
Virtual Learning Plans-2020
Teacher: Dr Arms Grade: 5 Week of: August 31, 2020
Subject Activity Description Possible Points Due by:
ELA/Writing Virtual Classroom Opening
Description: Games- Getting to know you: I introduce myself and tell the students about
my self. I play a getting to know you game with students where the first student
states their name and their favorite food and television show. The next student has
to introduce themselves give their favorites and also the prior student and repeat
their favorites. Making the visual name recognition matched to a face helps me to
learn the student’s names a bit faster.

Read Aloud: All Are Welcome
For this meeting, students will say hello and introduce themselves by adding an
adjective before their that describes them (i.e., Silly Sarah).
Then either the teacher or the whole class will repeat back all the names.Everyday
there will be a different read aloud: Cooperation, Friendship, Honesty, Perseverance

Read aloud check for understanding:

Monday: Getting To Know You: All About Me Hot Seat
For this activity, students will fill out the Hot Seat page to share different
things about themselves.

Tuesday: Getting To Know Activities

Wednesday: What Kind of Teacher Do You What Chart

Thursday:2020 Timeline

Friday: Reading Diagnostic Test:

Independent Reading: Read on Epic a book of voice for 30 to 45 minutes.
Class Code is: djj4697
20 points MaY 1, 2020

Exploring Mathematics

5th Grade Math Diagnostic Test
On the first day I want to make sure I get some semblance of where they are math wise before I start in with Math Rotations. This diagnostic is all of the 4th grade standards that they really should have mastered. It helps to give me little snapshot of their math skills so I can plan from there.
Everyday we will take a section and then discuss.






Independent: Practice on IXL daily. Monday through Friday
20 points May 1, 2020


Science Video and Reading – From Wonderopolis: A Free Learning Website
Everyday we will learn about different topics:

Can Animals Get Sunburns?
Where is the Atacama Desert?
Why Can No One Read the Voynich Manuscript?
What Are the Different Degrees of Burns?
What is the Sphinx?

Link to free activity: https://wonderopolis.org/wonder/Can-Animals-Get-Sunburns

Students will watch the video, read the passage, take the Wonder Word Challenge, and take the three-question quiz.
They will then explore the Try It Out section at the bottom of the page to extend their learning. 20 points May 1, 2020
Social Studies To build community and help students to become comfortable in their learning environment everyday this week students will socially explore
Various aspects of getting to know one another while learning together socially. Students show their hidden talents by sharing with each other virtually what they do best.

20 points May 1, 2020


Independent Reading (15 min. each day; 1 hr. each week)
Reading (30 min. each day; 1-2 hrs. each week)
Writing (15 min. each day; 1 hr. each week)
Math (30 min. each day; 1-2 hrs. each week)
Science (1 hour each week)
Social Studies (1 hour each week)
Related Arts (15-20 min. each day; 1 hour each week) – Activity Calendar on Coach Kelcy’s page and your TEAMs page