• Welcome video from Dr. Shiaa  


    Hello Families,

    It's hard to say goodbye, and we came to the end of the academic year. I can't believe I won't see some of my students anymore!

    It was an interesting year, especially the way we left the classroom in March. We didn't know that would be the last time to see our students.  I miss all my students and my class, but I hope the coming days will bring good news for all of us.

    Enjoy the summer and keep the kids involved in learning by reading and writing. Our district is providing a variety of resources online. On this webpage, I'm sharing some science-related resources.

    Stay safe and enjoy outdoor activities while keeping social distancing.


    Hello students,

    You made it! Good job.

    Life is giving us opportunities to grow and understand what is happening around us. Don't miss this opportunity, COVID-19, to learn more about the human body and how we were created.

    Enjoy the summer, play outside, and keep social distancing. I will see you in August, till then, stay safe and active.