Degrees and Certifications:

Truman State University, BM - 2008 Washington University in St. Louis, MM - 2013

McKinley Choirs

There are three levels of choir currently:

Beginning Choir (mostly 6th grade)

Intermediate Choir (after completion of Beginning Choir)

Concert Choir (by audition only)


While the performing world has experienced obstacles during the pandemic, we will move forward together and build our knowledge and technique base, come together as a choral community, and support one another as learners and performers. 

In Grade 6, students will begin these skills, and cumulative knowledge and skills will continue advancing at each grade level. 

Choir Course Outline

Course Objectives

1. Students will learn to be confident in their singing voice, and be able to demonstrate proper vocal techniques.

2. Students will be able to read music, including note reading, rhythms, key and time signatures, etc.

3. Students will be exposed to choral elements, such as ensemble singing, blend, vowel modifications, and other vocal techniques.

4. Students will sing and perform a wide variety of music in both formal and informal situations, in both individual and ensemble situations.

5. Students will grow a love and appreciation for music and its influence in society. 

Content Sections

Vocal Health and Technique

Music Theory - rhythms, note reading, key signatures, scales, vocabulary

Solfege and Sight Singing

Music History - Era and Composer Study

Cooperative/Ensemble Learning

Performance Etiquette