• Ms. Mosley

      Althea Mosley

      School: Wilkinson ECC

       Phone: 314-645-1202

        Email: Althea Mosley@slps.org

    Library Aide

    Hello My name is Althea Mosley I am the Library Aide at Wilkinson Early Childhood Center. I work with the St. Louis Public School District for many years. My goal and my mission as a Library Aide is to empower teachers and students to develop effective library skills.







    Althea Msoley Weekly Schedule 

    Library open 

    Monday thur Friday

    8:00 am to 4:00 pm


    Wilkinson ECC Library Mission 

     Our Library is a place that offers books for infornmation, throught recreational reading, listening and Viewing experiences. Our goal is to inspire indendent thinkers and users of all library resource that will empower them to be lifelong learners in an ever-changing and diverse society and become assets to a democratic soiety. Every effort is made to provide adequate resources to assist them in meeting their needs.