• Paige Oberg


    Kindergarten Teacher Room 105


    Planning Time Daily 2:20-3:10


    My name is Paige Oberg and I am a Kindergarten teacher at Wilkinson Early Childhood.  In June 2017, I was married in Key West.  The photo above is of my husband and I on our wedding day!  This year I have an ICA in my classroom and her name is Makenzie Gamache.  My undergraduate degree is from University of Missouri St. Louis in Early Childhood Education.  I also have a Masters degree as a Reading and Literacy Specialists from Maryville University.  This is my 7th year teaching Kindergarten at Wilkinson!  I LOVE teaching Kindergarten.  Some things I like to do in my spare time is run, read books and hangout with family and friends.  One of the many fun things as to why I like teaching Kindergarten is because their minds are like sponges, they absorb everything you say.  My goal is to continue to help your child become a lifelong learner by having fun and being successful at school.  I look forward to having your child in my classroom.