•  Welcome to PE with Coach S
    Name: Mrs. Schilb a.k.a. Coach S
    Email:  jennifer.schilb@slps.org
    Room Number(s): Gym
    Subject(s): Physical Education
    Building Phone: 314-353-1346
    Teacher Message: Hello! My name is Mrs. Schilb and I am the new P.E. teacher at Woodward Elementary! I was an art teacher for 3 years in the SLPS district and this is my 1st year teaching P.E. I am so excited to teach your child/children fun ways to live an active and healthy lifestyle, along with teamwork and good sportsmanship.
    Here are a few things to know about my class:
    Please try and have your child wear tennis shoes on PE days. We will be constantly moving, and I want them to be safe and not trip and fall due to the shoes they are wearing. (no sandals, flip flops, crocs)
    Here are the rules and consequences in my class:
    Respect Yourself, Respect Others, Respect This Place
    Strike 1: warning
    Strike 2: refocus
    Strike 3: time out and note sent home (if your child comes home with a yellow "On The Bench"                         paper, please sign the note and have your child return it to me) 
    You can email me with any questions or concerns.    
    I hope your child has a great time in my class and I am looking forward to the school year!
    Coach S  ;)