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Dr. John Westerman

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You can contact me this summer at John.Westerman@slps.org or if you are a student/parent member of Dr. Westerman’s Services on Microsoft Teams you can contact me by leaving a message. I promise I’ll check my messages this summer a couple times a day. I’ll be happy to help.

This has been a strange 4th Quarter! Never could I have imagined we would be required to socially distance ourselves in order to save one another from a deadly pandemic. It has been a tough time for our kids. This coming summer will probably require us to continue to stay in our homes. That is why I want to suggest that we make lemonade out of this lemon we’ve been handed. Let’s use this summer to help our kids be better readers. Through books, boys and girls are able to escape into other worlds and circumstances—and at the same time learn to become better readers.

Summer Reading Fun

Summer is a great time for students to improve their reading skills. As a Resource Teacher I know that the best way to become a better reader is through practice.

Older struggling readers can be in a tough spot: They want to be stronger readers, and they want to read what their classmates are reading (after all, it's fun to be able to contribute to conversations about the latest book in a popular series!). 

That's why it's imperative that your child has strong, rich reading material to help build their skills and give them the drive to want to read more. A sixth grader reading at a second-grade level will not want to be seen carrying around a "baby book," even if it's the only thing they can easily read.

Struggling older readers need high-interest texts. They need well-written, engaging books on topics that are cool, hip, and relevant, but also books that they can read with relative ease. These types of books are often referred to as "hi-lo" — or high-interest, low-level reads.  

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Dr. Westerman began teaching in 1984. He has been a classroom teacher, behavioral therapist, CTE director, Special Education teacher and director, principal and superintendent.  From Missouri State University he holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology/Religious Studies and a Master of Secondary Education degree with an emphasis in Psychology/Social Sciences. He earned his K-8 Principal, 9-12 Principal, and K-12 Special Education Certificates from Lincoln University of Missouri; and his Director of Career and Technical Education Certificate from the University of Central Missouri. He received a Specialist in Education degree in the Superintendency and Doctor of Education degree in Educational Leadership from Southwest Baptist University.In 2018 Dr. Westerman came out of a very brief retirement to return to teaching at Gateway Middle School.