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Elementary Education Grades 1-6 Math Certification Grades 5-9

Mr. Anthony Fields, Sr.


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I have always had an affinity for mathematics, beginning early in my life. My personal claim to fame is that as a kindergartners, my teacher would often ask me to tell the my classmates what time it was. That was the beginning of many milestones in my academic life. As an avid reader and learner, I have found it very powerful to be able to not only be an exceptional learner, but a teacher of self. Early on, I recognized that I was able to teach myself many of the principles of mathematics that would be taught to me later on in my scholastic life.

As a parent, I find much of my greatest work came with my own children. All of my children have exceptional mathematical skills and excellent learners overall. My eldest and youngest daughters both are members of the National Honor Society, my youngest indoctrinated as a high school junior. I'm one proud dad!

I served honorably for 24+ years in the US Navy as an Electronics Technician, Naval Instructor, and an Intelligence Specialist in support of the warfighter in Afghanistan. I retired in 2014. My attention-to-detail served me well during my Naval career. Second only to parenting, that is the most important job I've ever had.

I graduated from the University of Missouri-St. Louis in December 2015. I spent three years teaching in other local districts before landing in the St. Louis Public School District in August 2018. 

As I've shared with my students, it is more important that I assist my students (with the help of their parents) to become more efficient and effective learners. This is paramount for my students, as they then can take those principles of learning with them outside of my classroom, to other subject areas in the building and eventually, with them when they go away to college. That's where I place the emphasis of my teaching for my students. 

As an educator, it will be incumbent upon me to:
     1. Find my students’ passion and explore them.
     2. Find ways to allow my students to exploit their learning style(s).
     3. Encourage my students to challenge themselves instead of judging themselves against others.
     4. Build curiosity within my students, as it will nourish their intelligence and drive their progress.
     5. Push the boundaries of my students’ learning.
     6. Celebrate learning with my students; taste and savor their achievements to spur them to greater heights.


Thank you for your time and attention. 

I look forward to serving you and your child when they attend Carnahan High School Of The Future!

Have a great day, one that truly matters.

Mr. Fields