• Teacher Moments


    "Today, we played "teacher" in my math class full of students.  These kids love to be the teacher.  I give them each their own problem to solve, then they put it on the board, tell us their "teacher name", and wait for everyone else to solve it before going around and checking answers.  One of the students raised her hand and said, "Mr. Sonic, can you help me?  I don't know what to do here."  This student (who towers over me), went over to her, knelt down beside her, and taught the concept.  I just about melted onto the floor I was so happy.  My teacher heart could barely handle these kids!!!  They are learning pre-algebra concepts and crushing it.  Why not push kids to see what they are capable of?  You might be surprised, and then have heart-melting moments like this! 

                                                                         Teacher: Audryn Damron