Ms. Jones



Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Jones

Hi Friends and Family,

 I am a middle school English Language Arts teacher certified by the DESE department of education in grades 5-9. I am also a proud Teach for America and Americorps alumna.

 English Language Arts has always been my favorite course since grade school. It is my ideal course because reading and writing help people understand different perspectives, help people analyze actions and reasonings, and help people express themselves. The best part of ELA is that every skill that helps build the social skills that we use every day. 

 I am passionate about what I teach and hope that every child is just as excited about learning. Parental involvement is highly encouraged as parents are essential to every child's success. Please feel free to stop by during or after school or give me a call with any questions concerns at 224-572-9484 or email me at

  • Students will receive 3-4 grades per week:

    1. Do Now (5pts)

    2. During Reading Assignments (see RACE Rubric)

    3.  Exit Ticket (12pts each RACE Format)

    RACE Rubric: 

    • Restate - 2pt
    • Answer - 2pt
    • Cite - 4pts 
    • Explain - 4pts

    4.. Homework (10pts each)

    *Test points vary depending on the number of questions.