Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Edmund Darris




Edmund Darris is an Instructional Care Aide in the preschool department. He has been at Pamoja for ten years. He entered the educational system after retiring from working in the Quality Engineering feild for over 30 years. He finds working with young people very rewarding and a priveledge as well as an opportunity. After a career of working with products that range from Cessna Jets to defense planes such as the F15 and F18 military jets, Darris feels that he is now working with Americas most valuable comodity and product...our children.

My focus will be to introduce grades 3-5 to the world of engineering and science technology. The future is in the hands of our wonderful children and their future is bright! My intention is to spark an interest in areas that can direct our students to the world of possibilities though technology and innovation that will shape the future of the world. Our students will be instrumental in molding that future.