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    Mr. James Ryan Boone, M.S.

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    Hello all student's and families. I hope all of you are doing well during this time of uncertainty. As we move forward to Virtual Learning, please use the information on this page to assist you with your needs. The following is a guide to the SLPS Vitual Learning Plan. 

    Mr. Boone can be reached at james.boone@slps.org and is also available for online appointments from 9 am - 11 am daily.  For appointments outside these hours, please email me at least 24 hours in advance. 



    This section of my webpage provides information to help guide virtual learning during the COVID quarantine.  


    Please carefully read the getting started section, which is shown below.


    1. If at anytime you experience a technical problem (that is a problem with accessing a webpage or problems with your computer) email techhelp@slps.org for assistance.
    2. All assignments and due dates are posted in MS Ofice 365.  If you do not have access to MS Office 365, please CLICK HERE to download instructions that will allow you to download a free version.
    3. During Distance Learning the class assignments are all ONLINE with the assistance of Cengage Learning Management. 
    4. To access Cengage Learning Mangement - CLICK HERE.
    5.  If the student has forgotten his/her login for Cengage Learning Management System please email me immedately at - james.boone@slps.org.
    6. The links to the TEAMS websites for the Introduction to Business course is shown below:

    Microsoft Teams

    How to Access TEAMS



    1. All assignments for Introduction to Business will be completed online using Cengage Learning Management System.
    2. For assignments and due dates visit Microsoft Office 365 - the download information is above. 
    3. Questions or concerns email me at james.boone@slps.org.


    Week 1: April 6 - 10

    Students: be sure you have access to Cenage and Microsoft. Email Mr. Boone if you need these emailed to you. Complete Chapter 4 Reading and Practice reviews.

    Week 2: April 13 - 17

    Complete the following assignments on Cengage. The links below open the documents. They will be accessable on Cengage as well. 

    Week 3: April 20 - 24

    Complete the following assignments on Cengage. The links below open the documents. They will be accessable on Cengage as well. 

    Week 4: April 27 - May 1

    SLPS Resources

    -COVID-19 FAQs: www.slps.org/covidfaqs 

    -FREE MEALS FOR STUDENTS: www.slps.org/meals 

    -ACADEMIC MATERIALS FOR FAMILIES: www.slps.org/keeponlearning 

    -ADDITIONAL RESOURCES: www.slps.org/resources

    -The District’s direct hotline for students and parents requiring social and emotional support is: 314-345-6900 or studentservices@slps.org.


    Business and Computer Coding Resources

    Business Resources

    Computer Coding Resources