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  • Vocab assessments will now only be twice a month.  They will be every other Friday.  Wanafunzi will now have two weeks to get familiar with the vocabulary terms.  The assessments will also be changing.  They will no longer contain any multiple choice questions.  All assessments will require students to use the terms in context.  They will be given 15 minutes and will need to write a paragraph that contains all 7 of the terms, and they must be used correctly.  


    7th Grade terms:  (Assessment Nov. 8)

    Sensible, cringe, inconspicuous, novice, prior, invincible, emphasize. 


    8th Grade terms: (Assessment Nov. 8)

    Sympathy, orthodox, demography, empathy, epidemic, othodontist, democracy.


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  • 8th Grade is currently working on our second batch of podcasts!  Be sure to follow the channel so that you can listen to all of the podcasts as they are released. 


    News Through the Eyes of an 8th Grader



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