Degrees and Certifications:

Miss Rhodes

Name: LaToya Rhodes

Subject: 6-8 grade Art

Room: #215


Hello Everyone!

I have been a staff member at Yeatman Middle school for three years. I am a loving and positive individual that comes from a family with a lot of prestigious educational backgrounds. This has inspired me to take on this role as a educator. I am a product of the Saint Louis Public School district. I successfully graduated high school in three years after going to school day and night.  I began my post high school education at Tennesse State University.  I am currently attending Lindenwood University. Being able to teach the young minds of today is a privilege and honor. I am eagerly inspired to go the extra mile because of my skills and abilities. Hobbies that I find comfort and pleasure in are cooking, spending time with my grandparents, and exploring new things in life.

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