Continued Learning during COVID-19 and Daily Updates

  • Last Day of School - Summer Information: 5.21.2020:

    It is officially the last day of school for students! I hope everyone had a good (even though it was unusual) year! Please take this time over the summer to reset and relax! If you are confused about how things will be graded/ how report cards will be distributed, please refer to my last Daily Update. I am including some ELA resources here to help keep students reading over the summer. Thank you for giving me such a wonderfilled year in SLPS. -Ms. Menzel 

    Summer Reading List: https://teams.microsoft.com/l/file/2ee2cff1-eef5-49c8-b263-e98f7ab4025e?tenantId=08e33d6b-a654-486a-80e3-20b190ae22d7&fileType=pdf&objectUrl=https%3A%2F%2Fstlps.sharepoint.com%2Fsites%2FSLPSELA6-8%2FShared%20Documents%2FGeneral%2FSecondary_Summer_Reading_Complete.pdf&baseUrl=https%3A%2F%2Fstlps.sharepoint.com%2Fsites%2FSLPSELA6-8&serviceName=teams&threadId=19:e5569542ffba454086b8b33329dbeba9@thread.skype&messageId=1589895465489&groupId=ad7dd81f-fc0a-4c00-88fd-09de297a038b


    Daily Update: 5.18.2020:

    Welcome to the last week of the school year and online learning! It has been so wonder to be teaching 7/8 ELA this year at Lyon! I am so proud of the growth our students have made- and they have really shown that they have mastered ELA concepts. That being said, I wanted to update the Lyon family on some things that will be happening. The last day of school is THURSDAY, May 21st- Grades are due in for teachers by Friday, May 22nd. Students will not be recieving letter grades- but will be given I= Incomplete or P= Passing. Report cards will be mailed to homes. I hope everyone has a great summer and thank you for giving me such a wonderful school year!

    Daily Update: 5.3.2020:

    Hello! As the school year draws to an end, it is saddening to me that we cannot say goodbye in the classroom. That being said- I want to make sure that my students know that this was a great year, and that they have shown tremendous growth! If students need any help with assignments posted on Teams- they can reach out to me on that platform, or during the weekly parent/guardian check-in! I also host live Q&A questions every Wednesday from 11-12 P.M. Please let me know if I can provide any assistance! Miss you all!

    Daily Update: 4.20.2020:

    I hope all is well with everyone! I miss being in the classroom and teaching my students in person! That being said, I want to continue teaching lessons in the same way I did while we were in the classroom. My students will continue reading the novels we had started before spring break- and we will continue to build upon the skills that they had begun to master. We will continue to try new things- so if it gets confusing, or frustrating- please reach out!

    Daily Update: 4.13.2020:

    As you know by now, online learning has been extended due to school closues continuing through May. We are still working to get students connected to Microsoft Teams, and because of this I wanted to let everyone know that work that is "due" on teams will be accepted beyond the "due date". The due dates are suggestions as to when the work should be finished- not a hard deadline. Please feel free to reach out if any assistance is needed when navigating the online learning software. Hope everyone is well!


    Daily Update: 4.2.2020:

    Goodmorning, I just wanted to check in with everyone during is confusing time! I am working on making sure that my students get the most out of this online learning season! All information about e-learning and Microsoft Teams will be located on the "Microsoft Teams/Classroom Information page of my SLPS website. I will also include this information on my google site. I wanted to reierate that I will be available to answer any questions you may have about this process. Best Wishes!


    Daily Update: 3.31.2020:

    Goodmorning, I would just like to share some information with students/parents/guardians about some changes that will be made starting 4.6.2020. We will begin using the Microsoft Teams/Classroom platform for online learning. Think link will be provided to you later on this week once everything is set up. There will be lesson plans, daily assignments, read-alouds, and assessments to complete in this format. I will also be providing live support for students throughout the week. Please feel free to reach out to me if you become confused when navigating this new platform, as we are learning together. I hope everyone is staying safe!


    Letter from the Teacher:

    Hello! I hope all is well during this difficult time! I have created a website with resources on it so that my students can continue learning from home! I have also included the resources that I have listed on my navigable teacher website on this SLPS website. I hope you find this information useful. It includes mini lessons, assignments, and online resources that will help keep everyone up to speed while we are at home. My contact information is listed on the sit as well, please feel free to reach out if any assistance is needed. Please remember to check back to this SLPS teacher site, as things may be adjusted and changed as we navigate online learning systems.  

    District resources for continuous learning are available online and in person when students pick up their meals. 

    Stay safe, and hope to see everyone soon!

    Ms. Menzel

    District's continuous learning kits: https://www.slps.org/Page/46686

    Locations for Meals: https://www.slps.org/meals

    Other Resources: https://www.slps.org/resources