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Degrees and Certifications:

2015 Ph.D. Comparative Literature, Washington University 2002 M.F.A. Theater, University of Wisconsin-Madison 1996 B.A. English, Washington University

Dr. Nicholas Tamarkin



Room: 111 (Virtual!)

Courses: Sophomore English Honors, Junior English

OFFICE HOURS: 10:45-11:15 on Mondays and Wednesdays, and 9:20 - 9:50 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, plus anytime I'm not teaching! So check the schedule and let's make time to talk! I'm always here for you! 

BIO I am a proud teacher for St. Louis Public Schools and thrilled to be an Owl! I am originally from Connecticut (home of the world's greatest pizza, believe it or not!) and I have lived in St. Louis, with a few breaks, since 1992. My special areas of interest include modern theater, poetry, and cinema. I wrote my doctoral thesis on the intersection between live theater and performance on screen. My cat, Nora, works with me on grading every night

Q & A

  • I'm a Collegiate parent. How can I check what we're working on in class?

    Posted by: Dr. Tamarkin

    This is a great question :) 

    I am going to do several things this fall to make sure we're connecting as best as possible:

    1) My email and phone number are listed on my About page. Reach out!

    2) I will be making sure to update all of our assignments and due dates in several places:

    Here, on my website, and 

    In Microsoft Teams, and

    In SIS.

    So parents, wherever you go, you'll be able to find what we're working on for the day and for the week!

    3) I'm going to redouble my efforts to make sure I'm reaching out to you just as much as I can! To say this quarter will be a challenge is to make a radical understatement. Yet I am convinced there are a lot of great things that will emerge. For one, I'll get much more time with each of our students! There's a bit less management of classroom time, so we can really work together to improve skills and get along in a way that feels more intentional and specific and individual. So I am really excited to share another semester in such a new way with you all!

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  • I'm a Collegiate student in English class. What will it look like this fall?

    Posted by: Dr. Tamarkin

    Great question! Here a few important answers :) 

    1) Classtime: We've started working with a model of "Blending learning." Blended means we're going to spend part of each period with each other, in real time, talking and working together on video chat in Microsoft Teams. But we're ALSO going to be working (for about half our class period) on our own. This means you'll get to use part of that time to work on your assignments, communicate in small groups with your classmates, and some great materials together for class! So each day we'll meet in Teams on a video chat and talk about our materials, check in with each other, and so forth. Then you'll always have about half the class to work with each other or on your own!

    2) Mentoring: Yayyyy I'm still a mentor. Sophomore Hawks! We SHALL WIN House Wars this year!! We'll meet in Teams everyday during Mentor group!

    3) Reading, writing, assignments and grades: Well, the nice thing here is that most of this will resemble our in-person work. Instead of books we'll be using PDFs, but really, that's it. I'm always going to go into our Team page and add in what we're going to read and questions about the reading and a due date for assignments! We'll still have short quizzes and essays, and we'll still work on annotating, writing thesis statements, and (for the Juniors) ACT prep!

    4) Checking in and emailing and messaging, oh my!: Okay, so this is hard because there aren't any hallways or doors online :) This means you are responsible for checking in with me using your district email ONLY (the one that ends in You can chat on Teams, too. But don't worry about forgetting or being kept out of the loop because I'll be on my laptop all day making sure you're alright and working hard!

    5) What did I miss? Send me questions before school starts and I'll post answers here! 

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  • Are we working in Microsoft Teams again?

    Posted by: Dr. Tamarkin

    We sure are! All of our virtual learning - including meetings and office hours and assignments - they're all on Microsoft Teams!

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  • How many different online programs are we using????

    Posted by: Dr. Tamarkin

    Yep, this is a good question. So here's the good news: Our main program is and has been Microsoft Teams. We're going to do our online meetings there and I will be posting our assignments and grading in there. You can also check your progress in SIS.

    I do believe we will get to work with Flipgrid and maybe Padlet, too. But our main program will be Teams. I know managing all those programs and logins can be hard, so I'm making sure to cut down on all that and keep us focused on our Teams page for the school day!

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