Dr. Tamarkin



Degrees and Certifications:

2015 Ph.D. Comparative Literature, Washington University 2002 M.F.A. Theater, University of Wisconsin-Madison 1996 B.A. English, Washington University

Dr. Tamarkin

Email: nicholas.tamarkin@slps.org

Room: 111

Courses: Sophomore English, Sophomore English Honors, Junior English (American Literature)

OFFICE HOURS: 10 am - 12 pm Monday - Friday (and as needed - just email me for extra assistance!)  

BIO I am a proud teacher for St. Louis Public Schools and thrilled to be a new Owl this year at Collegiate! I am originally from Connecticut (home of the world's greatest pizza, believe it or not!) and I have lived in St. Louis, with a few breaks, since 1992. My special areas of interest include modern theater, poetry, and cinema. I wrote my doctoral thesis on the intersection between live theater and performance on screen. My cat, Nora, works with me on grading every night!


Hi parents and students! As we look to finish our semester and look toward the new academic year, I just want to extend my compliments and profound thanks to all of our SLPS families! You've all done a great job during such a difficult time, and we're proud of you and especially our 2020 graduates!

I am also attaching here a fantastic Summer Reading List. Included you'll find free resources like audiobooks, e-library cards, and a ton of other great materials. I'd love you to take a look and when we come back you can tell me what you read! 

Summer Reading!





Hi everyone! Our final Common Lit assignment is now up! Don't forget to submit an Extra Credit assignment if you wish, and be sure to check your grades on SIS! 


Hi everyone! New Common Lit assignments are up and you're all ready for Extra Credit due 5/15! Remember to send me ideas and suggestions in case they're something you'd like to do!!


Hi all. Remember we have our weekly instructional meetings on Teams! We also have a new Common Lit assignment!

Finally, our Extra Credit assignment is live on Teams! Take a look if you wish to improve your writing skills :) 



Hey hey! There's a new Common Lit assignment up for this week! Plus, we've got a Notebook in Teams where you can message me! Yayyyy!


Hi everyone! Welcome to another week at Collegiate! Remember your Common Lit assignment is still available to finish. I extended the deadline to the end of the week to give you extra time. Also, I have made a new video for you to watch from within Teams. I look forward to talking with you this week! Please let me know what I can do for you. 

ps. Your Teams assignment page where you can journal is looking beautiful so far! Thank you, everyone, who has checked in!!



Hi everyone! I have a few updates for you! I have made an assignment here in Teams for you to fill out each week. It is a simple assignment where you just check-in and let me know how you're doing. You can share how your homework is going or a story from the day. So this will be how you can "check-in" with me! We will also have our graded assignments in Common Lit, as usual! I'm still experimenting with Teams, but I think what we'll do is to set up a once-a-week Office Hours check-in. I'll give you the thirty-minute time slot for our class tomorrow! Thank you to everyone who has been showing up and asking questions! You're all doing great! Don't worry if this week is/has been difficult to navigate regarding emails/virtual meetings/homework. It's a learning curve and we'll get there. The most important thing is to stay in touch and check with me here on Teams (and double-check your course page to the right) to make sure there's nothing new! 

Here's my latest update in letter form!

Our calendar and assignments are all in Teams!

Hi everyone! We are using Microsoft Teams and I will be posting weekly assignments for you! Just go to the Microsoft Teams tab to your left, then select your class, and you'll go right to our class home page.

Remember that I am here for you, students and parents, to help during this time. You can always email me at nicholas.tamarkin@slps.org. 

Finally, whenever there is an update I will be sure to alert you all 1) through our SIS email and 2) via our SLPS Homepage (right here!) and on our Teams pages

Look for our Microsoft TEAMS links to your left (underneath Class Calendar and Assignments) 

MARCH 31ST: I have a new video based on student suggestions! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=okKFFkOaNpY&feature=youtu.be 

MARCH 26TH: Look for details forthcoming about joining our class on Microsoft Teams!

MARCH 25th: Here's my hello to you!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jjn78hNW61Y

Here is the general enrichment packet for the current time period: https://www.slps.org/keeponlearning

Here is our specific English packet for the next two weeks: Weeks 1-2 English Packet



10th Grade English: Sophomore English Syllabus

10th Grade English Honors Syllabus: Sophomore Honors Syllabus

11th Grade English Syllabus: Junior English Syllabus