Degrees and Certifications:

B.A. Sports Management M.B.A. Marketing Ed.D Higher Education Admin Secondary Business Cert

Dr. Gibson Jr., Michael

Welcome to Dr. Gibson's                                                                                    Continuous Learning Class!

Hi my name is Dr. Gibson!

I'm a St. Louis native, Country Grammar talking, Nellyville U.City, USA Lion from the C/O '08. I make class fun, relatable, insightful, challenging and life changing. My teaching career began in the fall of 2017. The inpsiration to become a educator was based off my doctoral research and a study that I conducted on African American Male Mentorship. My goal has always been to help people succeed, primarliy adolescents. Also, I discovered the need for more Black Male Teacher representation, which drove me to the conclusion that I needed to become a change agent. My love for mentoring youth and guiding them down the right path is my daily motivation. Lastly, I'm dedicated to making education enjoyable and interesting along with develpoing positive relationships with my students to better serve them.  


I attended DeSmet Jesuit High School and University City Senior High (C/O '08). 

I currently hold a B.A. in Sports Management, M.B.A. w/ Emphasis in Marketing, and a Ed.D in Higher Ed Administration. 

My Research: "A Case Study on the Experiences of Black Men Participating in an African-American Male Initiative at a Post-Secondary Institution"  

"21st Century Challenges in Education"

"Challenges of the College Student Athlete: How can College Educators Provide Proper Support?"

Click Link to View Research: Dr. Gibson's Dissertation

Click Link to Watch Dissertation Defense: Dr. Gibson's Dissertation Defense


Lover of sports, working out, making and listening to music, movies, tv shows (Netflix), shopping, fashion, cars, barbecuing, traveling, playing chess and reading. I'm also guilty of being a neat freak! 

For our contionus learning class, we will use Microsoft Teams and Cengage. Below are the links.


I fell in love with business eduation in college. Social Science and technolgoy are also interest of mine and I integrate them in my courses. I'm very passionate about researching and teaching my content. Below are the courses that I teach. I also have links attached for continous learning on Microsoft Teams and Cengage. 

Class Schedule

P:1 Business Management  A Day 8:15 am - 9:45 am

P:2 Business Management  A Day 9:55 am - 11:25 am

P:4 Intro to Business          A Day 1:35 pm - 3:12 pm

P:5 Intro to Business          B Day 8:15 am - 9: 45 am

P:7 Intro to Business         B Day 11:55 am - 1:25 pm

P:8 Intro to Business         B Day 1:35 pm - 3:12 pm


Office Hours: 

M-F 10am-12pm

Currently Reading...


  • I Will Teach You To Be Rich, Second Edition

    by Ramit Sethi Year Published: 2019 Business

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