• T. Jennings Art Teacher

    BFA Sculpture, K-12 Art Certification

    Room C244

    Virtual hours - summer vacation

    email: timothy.jennings@slps.org

    Building Phone: 314-533-9487

    Hello everyone this is Mr. Jennings & I've been with SLPS for 13 years worked previously in Las Vegas, Nevada and Oakland, California. 


    Hurray we're on summer break!  From time to time this summer if I find something that I think may interest your artistic desires I will post a site like this one:   youtube.com/watch?v=088v4hXE4xs       "how to use a grid to draw & tranfer images"    There are other videos showing how to utilize the grid method so check out a few.



    Have a great and safe summer.



    Welcome to Mr. Jennings' Continuous Learning Class. 

    We will utilize distance learning via Microsoft Teams.

    Period 1 Arts & Crafts

    Period 2 Arts & Crafts

    Period 3 Painting & Drawing/Photo

    Period 5 Intro Art

    Period 7 Intro Art

    Period 8 Intro Art