Mrs. Fenner
  • Mrs. Fenner is Vashon High School's reading specialist!  In this role, she:

    • provides small-group pull-out reading support in the reading classes
    • supports Vashon's reading program and the teachers of the reading classes
    • promotes and encourages school-wide reading in order to motivate the Vashon community to read more

    Need help with your reading, or looking for a good book to read?  Visit the V-Side Reads! team on Microsoft Teams for free audiobooks and ebooks!  

    For more information or for any questions (or book recommendations!) please contact Mrs. Fenner at  Mrs. Fenner is also available for virtual office hours from 8:00 am-9:00 am Monday through Friday for immediate support.  She is always working to continue building a wide selection of free online reading!