Ms. Seals

Phone: 636-362-6232


Degrees and Certifications:

BA Sociology/Ethnic Studies - University of Texas MA Special Education - UMSL SPED Mild to Moderate Cross Categorical K-12 Middle School Math 5-9

Ms. Seals

8th Grade Mathematics


I have been in education since 2003 where I began my journey as a teacher right here in St. Louis Public Schools. I have a Bachelor's degree from The University of Texas at Austin (GO LONGHORNS). Later, I persued a Master's degree in special education from UMSL and finished in 2006.  I am a bit of a wanderer and my free spirit led me to teach for about eight years out of the country (4yrs South Korea/ 4yrs United Arab Emirates).  However, my heart brought me back to my hometown and back to SLPS.  I began as a Special Educatio teacher, but math has always been my passion.  I decided two years ago to change my focus from SPED to math and I absolutely love it!

When I'm not at Busch with my wonderful students, I spend time with my super cute French Bulldog Gizmo.  I am also continuing my education as I am currently enrolled at UMSL finishing up my first year in an Education Specialst program for education administration.  




  • Distance Learning Expections


    Hello Busch Middle School parents and students. Here is some helpful information to help you understand the expectation process...


     My virtual office hours will be Mondays and Wednesdays from 9am-2pm. Students will be able to contact me live and get feedback.  We can video through teams (there will be at least two Busch teachers on video calls).




    * At the end of each week (on Friday evening), I will post the assignments and lessons for the following week.  Students do not have to begin that work until after the weekend on Monday.


    * The format will consist of daily check-ins (Do Now/Exit Ticket), videos you must watch and takes notes, IXL assignments, math projects and weekly quizzes.


    * You will complete Do Now/Exit Ticket on paper, take a picture of it and submit them under the assignment in Microsoft Teams.  If you cannot acces Microsoft Teams, you may email me the Do Now/Exit Tickets. ( These are worth 3 points each.


    * IXL assignments are worth 3 points each and there is one for each day of the week.  I will check IXL on Friday evening and give points for completed assignments above 60%.


    *Quizzes will be posted at the beginning of each week, but are not due unitl Friday (any Time).  You will show your work, box your answers, take a picture and email it to me as an attachment.  You may send it with Do Now/Exit Ticket or by itself. Quizzes are worth 10 points


    * Students will get 10 points per week for participation by submitting all assignments (This will sometimes include completeing math projects at home)


    *50 points possible per week (15 Do Now/Exit Ticket, 15 IXL assignment, 10 Quiz, 10 Participation)


    ***If a student needs help with math concepts or assignments, I can be reached by email.  If further help is needed, PARENTS may call me to get assistance.  



    Helpful Links/Information

    School Sites for Sudent Meal Support

    Keep on Learning: Academic Resources

    Support Resouces for Families

    Hotline or students and parents needing social and emotional support, please call 314-345-6900 or email

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  • Course Overview

    Eighth grade mathematics is a combination of pre-algebra, inroduction to basic algebra and a small amount of geometry.  The topics to be covered throughout the year are as follows...


    Chapter 1: Equations

    Chapter 2: Tansformations

    Chapter 3: Angles and Triangles

    Chapter 4: Graphing and Writing Linear Equations

    Chapter 5: Systems of Linear Equations

    Chapter 6: Functions

    Chapter 7: Real Numbers and the Pythagorean Theorem

    Chapter 8: Volume and Similar Solids

    Chapter 9: Data Analysis and Displays

    Chapter 10: Exponents and Scientific Notation