Official Ames COVID-19 Resource Page


    Updates Duing the Pandemic



    We hope that our Ames VPA families are well during these trying times.  In the event that information is needed about the pandemic and how our schools will operate within this global pandemic, we shall provide information on this page.  If you need assistance or have questions, we encourage you to call the school (314.241.7165).  Our school's nurse, social worker, principal, secretary and teachers will be able to support you with SLPS' current protocal about Covid-19.  











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    Student Quarantine

    Although Saint Louis Public Schools takes every precaution for students and staff, there may be times for your child to be quarantined (as determined by the city's health department).  In the event that you child is quarantined, your child will be able to learn from home.  As long as you child participates - per the teacher's assignments and lessons, he/she will be marked present during times of SLPS mandated quarantines.  Please note, in these cases you child also has to complete assignments for grading and attendance purposes.