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Ms. Raveling

Welcome to physical education at Blewett where I teach grades 7th through 11th. My name is Ms. Raveling and I love being active whenever I can. I graduated from Culver Stockton College May 2019 with a degree in physical education and health education. My goal while we are all stuck at home during this unfortunate time is to provide ways we all can be fit and active inside since we can't go outside and we don't all have a home gym (haha do any of us). While I will be providing a workout everyday for us to do together I will also be providing some written work. I will try my best to make the assignments fun and relavent, but one thing I can guarantee is that it will not involve basketball (sorry boys). We will learn about different sports and health topics that go along with sports and being healthy while being athletic. Point values will be at the top of every assignment so that we are all on the same page. The daily work out will be a total of 10 points, so it is in your best interest to complete both the workout and the assignment. You only have to complete the workout that is listed during the day that you normally would see me for class. During this time if you or your parents have any questions feel free to email me or call me anytime during the scheduled times or email me a time that works for you. I will be reaching out to all students and their parents once a week to give updates, check in on the workouts, and keep things running smoothly.  Parents please let me know which is best to communicate with you whether that is via phone or email. We will be using Microsoft teams to turn in and complete assignments. I will add in the assignment how I want assignments turned in. I have already made a team site for every class, so be on the lookout for assigments and any other class information posted to Microsoft teams pages. 


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