Mr. Ben Birchfield

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Degrees and Certifications:


Mr. Ben Birchfield

Graduate of Northwest Missouri State University.  MS Ed, BS Ed., Health, Physical Education, Recreation.  Principal Certification in Education.

As a professional educator I have been honored to serve as a Dean of Students at Laclede Academy February-June 2015,  Physical Education Teacher at Stevens Academy for Academic Development, September 2015 to June 2016, and now Health and Physical Education at Dewey International Studies, August 2016 to present.  

With more than 15 years of experience as an educator in Elementary, Secondary and Higher Education I'm proud to be apart of a school district that sincerely care about the future of a generation  that will be carving a milestone for their future.   

 Mr. Ben Birchfield

 Every Child Is A Winner When They Try Their Best!

  Health Alert!

 Welcome back to school. Though we are face with some major health issues...lets all chip in and do our part. Practice good hyigene habits to protect oursleves and others  around us from germs and viruses and now the COVID-19.  You will learn about how the immune system work to protect your body against illness.

Teams website: Link below for Health/Physical Education Assignments