Ms. Myisha Holmes

Phone: 314-645-4845


Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Myisha Holmes

Greetings to you,


My name is Myisha Holmes, I am so delighted to be apart of the DEWEY ISS team!  I have over twenty years of expericence with children in all ages. However, I really enjoy the Pre-K years as those years are where the foundation of learning is built.  I am a firm believer it takes a village to raise children. I am just one part of the Dewey village that has created a safe, and exciting learning enviornment.  In addition to exposing children to mulitple different ways of learning math, reading, science and social skills, I am excited to bring stabilty and guidance to my Pre-K children for the remainder of this school.  

I am a mother of seven children five boys and two girls.  So, I love children a lot.  I want to ensure that my passion for children comes across in the way that I teach and care for each child in my classroom.  I know that my class has been through a lot however, together we will get through this on top.  Building a strong foundation for the other grades to come. 

I will be available between the hours of 11am-1pm to answer any concerns.


While we are out due to the Corona virus here are some additonal resources to help with the consistent learning of your child. (You can find fun ways to stay engaged with alphabet recognition, sounds and much more.) (this site is for praticing with continued number recognition and counting. You will need passwords for your children just email me and i will send it.) ( I have sent out emails with asses to this web site. You have your child to listen to a book per day.) (This web site will help your child with understand the world around them.)