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Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor Degree: Chinese Language and Literature Master Degree: Master of Arts in Teaching Process MS: TSOL

Mrs. Jane Yi Kosinski

Name: Mrs. Kosinski


Room Number: 208


Teacher Message:

Greeting my students and families!

I am glad to have you in my class! Welcome you to become a member of  our 6th grade team family. Once you walk in my classroom, you will learn not only the English language, but I will let you enjoy some different cultures from Asia countries.

As an English teacher, I will tell you that the English language plays an essential role in our lives. Not only does it help in communication, but it is the main language for studying any subject all over the world. 

As a Chinese person, my native language is Chinese, but I would like to tell you that English language proficiency has improved the quality of my life forever. 

Moreover, the use of English as an international language is growing with time because it is the only medium for communication in many countries. I always remember when I was in the first year of middle school, we started to learn English as foreign language. Our English teacher had asked us a question: “Why do we need to learn English as a foreign language, not another language?" We were all numb. She gave us a clear answer : once you learn English, you can communicate with people from all countries in the world!

I also share some good news with you. Once you have reached a high English proficiency level, there are great job opportunities for you-----become an ESL teacher to teach in Asia countries. They need native English speakers to be their English teacher. You can go to Japan, Korea, China, Thailand, Taiwan, and middle Eas, there are many teaching English jobs in these countries. 

You can travel to many countries to enrich your life experience, also you can enjoy all splendid cultures, including delicious food, and beautiful landscapes, you will make a lot of friendships from location residents… and even more.

So start from now-----Mrs. K’s ELA classroom is the first step to reach these spectacular  life goals.



    jane kosinski