Mrs. Jane Yi Kosinski

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Degrees and Certifications:

Master of Arts in Teaching Certification of Teaching Chinese K-12, English Language Art 6-8 During Corona Virus Crisis Period: Virtual Teaching Hours: 8:30-10:00 AM AT Teams of Window 365 Through Monday - Friday ( Feel free to text/email me besides teaching hours if you have any questions) All Assignment turn in via my email or Teams. Thank You All!

Mrs. Jane Yi Kosinski

I was born in China, the city I grew up has rich cultural and historical place called Shaoxin. It is located east coast, 40 miles away from the most beautiful and wellknown city--Hangzhou, and 180 miles from the biggest city ---Shanghai. 

I had finished my bacholar degree in Chinese language and literature in China, and I had taught Chinese Modern Literautre at Xinjing University where I had graduated for two years. Due to the reason of that Communist regime brutally crackdowned the Tiananmen Square protesting formed by young studetns in 1989, I soon left China, and moved to Thailand. I finished my master degree in teaching at Missouri Central University in 2005. 

I love teaching, I have passion to share ancient Chinese culture and wisdom with students who are interested in China and its five thousnad years culture.

Ancient Chinese culture, like other great civilizations of the past, has long believed that its greatst ideas, values were divinely inspired. I regard five thoudand years of Chinese civilization as one of greatest treasures from the heavens, and would love to share this heavenly gift with students who want to learn, enjoy, and be benefited.

Chinese language had been passing down for five thousand years since ancient time, and it is still playing vital role in Chinese culture and Chinese history, and more and more broadly used in today's global village. In addition to experience Chinese culture in my class, students will learn how Chinese characters carry on deep meaning and wisdom from Chinese heritage, and practice Chinese colligraphy as well. 

In my class, you also have oppoertinuty to make some Chinese food and taste it with authentic Chinese  flavors.