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 A Poem to My Pre-K Students.



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A Poem to My Pre-K Students.


I Miss You

I miss hearing your little voices,

Say things that make me giggle.

I miss watching your laughter dance,

In twirls with satin tickles.

I miss your hugs and smiles,

Greetings, at the start of our day.

And the chatty butterflies as they fluttered,

In and out of your ears with play.

I miss your personalities peeking out,

As you walked in line down the halls.

Outstanding teamwork during Bear Family Thursday;

Your artwork just hanging around,

Showing off on the walls.

I miss your brilliant and beautiful minds,

At times I could not believe my ears.

I am learning from you too, you know;

Easier lessons that will not leave you in tears.

I miss experiencing art with you;

How you feel about what you create.

I look forward to seeing you this upcoming school year,

Oh, the exciting “art stuff” we will make!


-Ms. La’Shay M. Williams 

written 5/5/2020